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Clear Polythene Bags Clear Polythene Bags

Clear Poly Bags

Clear polythene bags used for many applications, Protecting goods from moisture, Dust etc. Bagging of small light weight goods and foods in a light weight 100gu bag, to heavy metal items such as nuts and bolts etc in a heavy 500gu bags The heavy 500gu bags also offers great resistance to puncture/tear from sharp items within.

They are offered in 3 thicknesses, and many sizes to suit bagging of various items. Also suitable for food use.

Light = 100gu (25mu)

Medium = 200gu (50mu)

Heavy = 500gu (125mu) 

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Light Duty 100g Clear Polythene Bags
Light Duty 100g Clear Polythene Bags
Medium Duty 200g Clear Polythene Bags
Medium Duty 200g Clear Polythene Bags
Heavy Duty 500g Clear Polythene Bags
Heavy Duty 500g Clear Polythene Bags